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Hi !  

My name is  Susy 

I create ✎ Illustrations
for authors, writers and brands

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Hi !  

My name is  Susel Aleman 

I'm an Illustrator ┼ Designer and I live in →Paris.
I was born in ✈︎Cuba under the ☀︎ of the Caribbean Sea.
I grew up surrounded by colors and a culture rich in music, folklore and miscegenation.

I am always looking for a new way to  explore new mediums and tools to represent ingeniously different ideas.✿

Unlike what you might think, drawing is not an individual practice! ☹
I don’t hide behind my brushes!
I believe it is essential to establish a good dialogue with my clients and discuss as much as possible over a cup ♨︎ coffee! 
I will not let you down until my ✎ illustrations satisfy your deepest desire! ❤︎

That being said,
feel free to ✉︎ contact me at: 


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